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JWrap Multi-Purpose Insulation

JWrap is a simple, multi-purpose material used to insulate irregular components in facilities using hot oil or steam heating systems.

With 30+ years in the industry, we know that when a site has been previously insulated, often times hard-to-insulate areas have been skipped. Why? Because the insulator doesn’t have the pre-fabricated or standard insulating material readily available to cover unique parts.

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Versatile insulation fits most applications for asphalt plants, asphalt storage, refineries, and pulp & paper mills. Our signature product – JWrap Insulation – is super easy to install using just a few tools.

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Save Energy & Money

Uninsulated hot oil and steam pipes cost your business money. Significant fuel savings starts with JWrap Insulation.

The cost of insulation is most often returned within the first full production cycle. (NOTE: Results vary depending on individual circumstances, temperature, and environment.)

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Installation Videos

Flexible Hose Insulation

Watch how JWrap Insulation reduces the surface temperature by about 200 degrees.

Hot Oil Jumpers Insulation

JWrap Insulation reduces surface temperature of hot oil jumpers by 170 degrees.

Hot Pipe Insulation

It just takes a few minutes to insulated hot pipe connections using JWrap Insulation.

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