JWrapTM Insulation for Flexible Hoses

We are currently insulating a 1″ jumper line with a high temperature insulating mat that is covered with a silicone glass cloth. It also has velcro attachments.

The purpose of this is to provide personnel protection – to protect plant personnel from exposed hot surfaces as well as reducing heat loss from hot oil jumpers.

This product will reduce the surface temperature by approximately 195 to 200 degrees.

The surface temperature of the jumper before insulation is approximately 300 degrees – afterwards, it’s about 105 degrees.

Materials used in this video

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“I’ve been an energy consultant for 30+ years. Often times, hard-to-insulate components are skipped by insulators. There’s a tremendous amount of energy and money lost! “

– Ray Braun

The insulation is applied over the jumper and the seams are typically sealed with an outdoor grade zip tie. If you like, you can also seal the exposed ends with a silicone caulk to prevent any water from entering.

This product is available is a multiple different sizes. It can be used on straight pipe, bundled pipe, jumpers. It’s a multipurpose product.

What we’re doing now, is putting an outdoor cable tie. It’s quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive. The cable tie itself is suitable for 185 degrees, which is within the operating range of the insulated jumper. We’ve had no problems with them wearing out or breaking after several years. Then we typically trim the exposed ends.

This product works very well with straight pipe as well. Short runs of straight pipe that might have unions or couplings, elbows… if you size it large enough, you can slide the insulation right over that.

This is what I’m speaking of right here. Rather than do just the jumper, if you size it large enough it will fit right over the threaded union and you can actually pull the insulation beyond that right around the 90 degree elbow.

It can actually be used on short runs of regular pipe, such is what this is back here.

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