Calculated Energy Savings Per Season:

JWrapTM Insulation has been installed in hundreds of hot mix asphalt plants for long-term fuel savings, personnel protection, improved valve operation, and many more reasons and benefits!

A fuel savings of $20.00 per foot per year – over a 3 to 5 year period, times multiple locations – pretty quickly becomes real money!

The payback period is usually less than one production season.

1 1/2″ Hot Oil Pipe

$17.61* savings per foot

1 1/2″ In-Line Flange

$28.61* savings per flange

1 1/2″ Flanged Valve

$54.31* savings per valve

* Estimated Savings is based on a 7-month production season, 300 degree hot oil, 60 degrees year round ambient, $5.00 per MMBTU natural gas, and other design conditions.

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