JWrapTM Insulation for Hot Oil Transfer Hoses

Uninsulated Hot Oil Transfer Hoses are commonly not insulated in hot mix asphalt plants which cause heat loss as well as a safety issue. JWrap is easily installed on a transfer jumper hose providing energy efficiency and personnel protection. JWrap is easily fabricated from continuous rolls cut to length on the job site.

Unroll the JWrap product. Cut it with high-quality fabric shears. It cuts easily and cuts straight. It doesn’t fray. It is easily fabricated and quick to install.

Estimated Energy Savings
$66.00* per hose!
(per production season)

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“I’ve been an energy consultant for 30+ years. Often times, hard-to-insulate components are skipped by insulators. There’s a tremendous amount of energy and money lost! “

– Ray Braun

Typically the ends may be sealed with a silicone caulk to prevent the entry of water. The insulation has a velcro hook and loop closure. This makes it real easy to install on the transfer hose as well as over 90 degree elbows, unions, couplings, or any other obstructions.

You can see from this video that it doesn’t take very long to provide personnel protection as well as improved fuel efficiency.

The fabric is water and weather resistant. It is commonly used in hot mix asphalt plants, refineries, and industrial facilities. Additionally, we apply an outdoor-grade nylon cable tie as a secondary backup to inhibit the entry of water.

JWrap commonly reduces the surface temperature from approximately 300 degrees to about 100 degrees.

JWrap Insulation is available in a variety of widths and styles available that can be customized for whatever your application may be.

The estimated energy savings of a 1” Hot Oil Transfer Hose at 3 feet length is approximately $66.00* per hose, per production season.

*Estimated savings is based on average energy costs and an operating temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit – your actual energy savings may be different.

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